"Love The First Step. I can just be free and in the moment. Thanks for all you do!”"
Clifford Upham - Student, Adult Program
"Being at First Step makes me more confident and strong acting, but in life as well"
Quinn McComb- Student, Adult Program
"I love the people I have met and the person I have become from all the years that I have grown up in this family of artists, I have made many amazing connections that have made me believe in myself."
Amanda Robinson- Student, Adult Program
"The First Step is the primary reason why I am the person I am today. The confidence to be myself, and not project or prove anything- I owe that all to the years spent here.
Joshua Pardy- Student, Adult Program
I can’t fully express the impact this journey is having on both my professional and personal life. I have learned so much about myself and am becoming the man I want to be."
John Gillich- Student, Adult Program
"This program has changed my life. It has given me the confidence and fearlessness to be my true self. It gives me the freedom to explore and play. The freedom to be myself and to grow. I understand myself now on a level I never thought was possible."
Felicity Hoeberechts- Student, Adult Program
"This may sound strange but, not only as an actor but also as a man, I feel so confident and strong."
Yuichi Saito- Student, Adult Program
"I find the classes very inspirational and I have already seen huge, positive changes in my life. I can feel that my confidence has up a notch, I’m learning a lot!"
Alita- Student, Adult Program
"I enjoy becoming the character and feeling the truth of the character in the moments of their life, in shooting and in the improv…I just love First Step!"
Ta’kaiya- Student, Youth Program
"The First Step is really enjoyable for me and I appreciate the feelings of pride and achievement you get when coming here."
Eamon- Student, Youth Program
"The First Step is really helping me improve my confidence, and it gives me the chance to focus on something that I love. When I come here, I don’t get distracted from what I am doing."
Makenzie- Student, Youth Program
"The First Step experience has really helped me overcome my shyness and now I’m more confident when I go up in front of people. I also learned that acting isn’t just acting, you have to feel it…plus, acting is fun!"
Rachel- Student, Youth Program
"The First Step Actors gave me a voice and now I was even on a tv show for one episode. I think this is a good place to get courage and be strong. It is also fun to do scenes, play games and laugh with your friends."
Amber- Student, Youth Program
"It’s all you First Step, you bring out in Cole a deeper soul and it shows. There’s not many people I would trust with that."
Britt- Parent of student in Youth Program
"Thank you for all the excellent work you are doing with Jake, he really loves your classes and I can see a great improvement in his confidence. You are all such great influences on our kids, so thank you!"
Terri- Parent, student in Youth Program
"I’ve also noted that his approach to his work has improved, he is much more serious about what he’s doing, and things that he might have shied away from before, he now approaches as challenges. It’s really great to see, thanks again."
Keith- Parent of student in Youth Program
"She hasn’t stopped talking about class. She LOVED it!! Thank you so much First Step."
Tammey- Parent of student in Youth Program
"YOU ROCK, I was so impressed to see my shy baby girl, perform so confidently. Can’t thank you enough"
Areezoo- Parent, student in Youth Program

"It makes me feel confident."
Priya- Student, Youth Program
"It is so great that I can leave Jacob to be himself with you and you understand him and his abilities so well. I think that it always helps to have other voices telling kids that they are worthwhile and valuable, not just their parents. I know that your input will continue to grow in his acting and stand tall in who he is."
Susie- Parent, Student in Youth Program

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About First Step

The First Step Actors' Workshop in North Vancouver, BC is an all-inclusive artist's centre dedicated to the personal growth of each individual and the celebration of their natural born talent. Our philosophy guides everything we do: "The person you are is a thousand times more interesting than the greatest actor you could ever hope to be".

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