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Teaching a person to act is like creating a robot that is void of natural instinct or any ability to be unique or think for itself; it is a waste of your time, energy, and money. Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. The First Step Actors' Workshop focuses on developing the individual and their ability to live truthfully in all that they do, whether it be class, the industry, or their own lives. Guiding actors to believe in themselves and become confident and capable crafts people is our top priority, regardless of age or level or experience.

The film and television industry is unpredictable and ever changing. An actor's ability to work professionally is almost always someone else's decision and can be based on a variety of reasons beyond the actor's control. Our mandate has always been to empower the actor with a greater sense of self worth and self-confidence. We teach our actors to focus on themselves, their work, their love of the craft, and their enormous potential. By learning to honour their own work, they are being conditioned to do the same for the characters they portray in the stories they are telling. They are no longer trying to prove to directors and producers that they are good enough; they are being in the moment and enjoying their craft, while producing great art and experience. Their work speaks for itself. Acting should a fun and fulfilling experience; it is our great challenge and privilege to help actors discover this...and to believe in themselves. Auditing is recommended. Please review rules and expectations here!

This Program requires scene memorization and some homework. Workbooks mandatory.


Students are welcome to enroll at any time

Classes run Monday through Thursday from 7:30 - 9:30 pm (Must arrive at 7:25 pm). Students attend one class per week.
On-going classes are $195.00/month incl GST

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*Classes operate as normally scheduled on all holidays except Christmas and New Years.*

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About First Step

The First Step Actors' Workshop in North Vancouver, BC is an all-inclusive artist's centre dedicated to the personal growth of each individual and the celebration of their natural born talent. Our philosophy guides everything we do: "The person you are is a thousand times more interesting than the greatest actor you could ever hope to be".

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