The First Step Actors' Workshop offers Audition Services that include: Coaching and Audition Taping.  The First Step Actors' Workshop is fully equipped to do audition tapings that can be posted on our server for viewing anywhere around the world.  When clients come in to our taping facility at the studio they will go through material, run scenes, reinforce character choices, and examine props/wardrobe etc before taping begins.  When the client is ready we tape the work, including a professional slate.

Once the taping is complete, footage is loaded into an editing suite.  Your finished taping will include your resume and headshot, your Agent's name and number, and a spot for yours and the name of the character you're playing.  The completed taping is loaded onto a server or Internet stream service and in just minutes, via a web link, your work can be seen and heard anywhere in the world.  Also, in case you want to keep a record of your work or if you need this taping in the future, it's stored in our drives for up to 3 months!  Studio time and instructor must be booked through the studio office at 604.987.5047.  It is always best to bring a reader you comfortable with but, not necessary.  Please bring script sides and Character Breakdown.  Actor's should come prepared with props, costume and material completely memorized.

Coaching: $45.00
Taping: $60.00

*services are approximately but not limited to one hour

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About First Step

The First Step Actors' Workshop in North Vancouver, BC is an all-inclusive artist's centre dedicated to the personal growth of each individual and the celebration of their natural born talent. Our philosophy guides everything we do: "The person you are is a thousand times more interesting than the greatest actor you could ever hope to be".

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